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Our Courses:
1. Systemic Histopathology Course in EoE
Online and Physical
Download Time Table 5th to 16th September - to follow : Feb 2022
Registration Links:
Physical FRCPath-Harlow with Microscope
Physical FRCPath-Harlow No Microscope
Virtual FRCPath Course-online

2. Cytology in the EoE
Download Time Table 19th to 23rd September- to follow: nearer the date
Registration Links:
Physical Cytology
Online Cytology

3. Intensive FRCPath Prepinars 24 sessions-Online and Physical in the EoE
-Aug 15th to Sept 2nd & Sept 26th to Oct 7th 2022
Registration Link-to follow
for details

4. Physical Slideworkshop-Harlow Hotel Harlow
Aug 15th to Sept 2nd & Sept 26th to Oct 7th 2022
Registration Link-to follow nearer the date
for details

5. 30 Webinars in the EoE Season 2
Registration and Bookings for February 2022 open now-contact organiser-Vasi or call 07445554567 21st December 2021
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Systemic FRCPath Physical Course
5th to 16th Sept 2022
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Online Systemic Pathology Course-Registration Link




Harlow Hotel
1st Floor For Systemic Pathology and Cytopathology Course 6th - 24th Sept

2022 Systemic Pathology & Cytology Course will be going Online

EoE Courses are all Online
Zoom broadcast from Harlow Hotel, Harlow

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New for 2022 - Sept 2022
Intense Daily FRCPath Prepinars 2pm to 4pm UK Time Zone; 24 sessions
Aug15th to Sept 2nd &
Sept 19th to Oct 7th-time table to follow

Registration Link for Prepinars

Remit of the Course

1.Prepare for part 2 of FRCPath examination - Surgical Pathology & Non Gynae Cytology

2. Suitable for established Consultant Pathologists as a refresher in General Diagnostic Histopathology.

3.Histopathology Trainees ST3 to ST5 (post part 1 FRCPath examination)

4. iPAd download trialled in September 2015 successfully.

5. Online access to vast resource of short surgical type of slides (T&C and fees apply).

go to for details of online access. FRCPath Systemic slides are only accessible to trainees who have attended the main course.

Course Format

1.Slide viewing ( 8-10.30 AM and 1.30-3.30 PM) FRCPath standard Cases
2.Seminars by faculty member based on slide session (am 10.30-12.30, pm 3.30-5.30)
3.Evening sessions (Catch-up and review slides 5.30-7.30 and or optional test set viewing sessions
4.iPAD / iPhone downloadable course material during course (sorry NO Android support)
5.New for 2014-Past exam sets - downloadable to iPAD (fee payable) .

6. New for 2019-On line access available. You need to purchase a copy of The Primer for the FRCPath-contact Course Organiser.


The course covers all items encompassed within the syllabus for part 2 of the FRCPath examination. Slide viewing takes place between 8 am and 8 pm, excepting Sunday.
Venue for the Course: (VenueDetails.html) HARLOW HOTEL AS OF 25TH FEB 2019 (Formerly Park Inn by Raddisson, Harlow) (FacultyMembers.html).

February 2020 and September 2020 - Harlow Leisure Zone, Harlow
Format of the Course: The course is primarily desIgned on the same format as the Advanced Histopathology Course at the Hammersmith Hospital organised previously by Professor Nick Wright.
The course is an intensive 2 week course with Microscopy sessions followed by moderation by a faculty member (FacultyMembers.html). The format is designed to help candidates cover FRCPath Part 2-standard slides for the Histology (short surgicals & Non-Gynae Cytology). There are days when there are 3 long sessions or 2 long sessions with time allocated for 'catching-up'. See sample Timetable. (Timetable.html)

Mock Exam: There will be a Mock Exam on the saturday during the fortnight under exam conditions (Short Surgicals, Long Cases, Frozen Sections and Non-Gynae Cytology). The scripts will be marked by 2 independent consultants with experience in marking FRCPath part 2 scripts: Drs John Grant (AH) and Dr Sarah Lower (EoE TPD).

Composition of Sturctured Reports: At least four sessions (usually 1st Monday & Tues and wed PM, and 2nd Monday) will be devoted to covering the best means of presentation of answers in order to maximise the scoring potential for each case. These sessions are useful for all trainees, but specifically is designed to maximise the potential scores for each case. Convert 2.5/5 per case to 3/5 and 3.5/5. Exam strategy and maximising your score sessions are in the evening but CRITICAL to clearing the examination. The time constraints mean that regardless of how accomplished a Pathologist you are, you will make forced errors. To compensate for 1.5 and a 1 (benign vs. malignant call) you will need to score 3 or 3.5 in at least 3 or more cases.

Other Tips for Exam Preparation: Do you have a copy of the blue book and Gatuso?: This is an absolute must. It contains a lot of gems and it only costs £49! An upto date version of the Blue book is expected to be published (too late for April 2019 examination-Release now: 12th July on Amazon).

Useful Web Links

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Royal College of Pathologists

Pathsoc UK

FRCPath Exams: Leeds Virtual Pathology Previous cases (short surgicals) are hosted here